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There's a little known problem with marriage in the Middle East: it's getting more and more difficult to afford, especially as unemployment rates in the region skyrocket.Navtej Dhillon, Director of the Middle East Youth Initiative at the Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution, has just come back from a trip to the region and talks to NOW about the marriage "crisis." NOW: Why is marriage being delayed in the Middle East?Those working often end up in the informal sector where wages are low.Some women are obviously staying longer in education and therefore some of them are also entering work life.By staying longer in education, they are marrying later and are probably likely to have fewer children.

This presents the countries with a demographic gift—if tapped into by expanding educational and employment opportunities—that can usher a more prosperous Middle East. I don't think that's any different anywhere else in the world. The culture of the Middle East is diverse and varied.ND: Young people with less education end up working because they have no choice.The young people who are increasingly secondary and university educated end up in what I've been calling "waithood": a long phase in which they wait for a full state of adulthood.

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