Dating bad woman

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They could not imagine these girls being romantic and well, maybe, kinky.

Maybe if you stop thinking of them as girls, and start seeing them as women, you’d realize they are far better than the bodice-wearing, make-up covered ladies you always go after.

Yet there are reasons you keep finding yourself there, and those reasons can be addressed and eliminated. What are your must-haves in order to consider someone for dating or marriage? Here’s an idea: Ignore your default attraction settings and try something new.

We dug deep into this ‘issue’ and came up with the most common reasons why the good guys fall for the bad ladies.And let’s face it good guys like the challenge of the bad girls.Most, if not all bad girls, know how to play their game.So readers, so we have all heard guys whine – all the time, again and again, and again – about why the good girls date bad guys.But we’ve never really fully heard a lot about why the good guys – the nice, angelic, innocent, gentlemanly kind of guys – always end up dating the class Bee-atch.

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