Dating antique whiskey bottles

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Now I suppose there will be a fight to get the money back on the original order from Better Bathrooms! A great guy and a great inventive genius – the business continues to be run by his son Kevin.

I had a look at diamond sharpening stones, and was pleasantly surprised that the prices were considerably less than the last time I tried to buy one.

A number of professional engravers use a single loupe or eyeglass in one eye, and engrave with their face very close to the work, but I find it very difficult.

I now rely entirely on my microscope which gives me magnifications from about 5 up to x 25, but a decent stereo microscope that is suitable for engraving will cost you several hundred pounds secondhand, or about £600 or more for a Chinese version.

From 6 inch DMT (reliable brand) stone in 1200, 600 or 325 grit costs 29.99 including VAT.

My very fine diamond stone is a DMT extra extra fine at 8000 grit, but I didn’t feel it was worth the cost (£101.99) as it didn’t give a very good surface finish.

If I can I will respond – email will usually get a quicker response.

I am fond of obscure English sayings which are marked* – you can look them up on Google if you need to interpret them.

All the regular POSTS are in the HOME page – use the menus on the right to jump to whichever POST you want, or the MENU below the header will show you POSTS that are relevant to the given subject and the top menu on the right will keep you up to date with changes…The big advantage of a microscope is that the more complex optics breaks the relationship between magnification and working distance, so that I can have about 120mm of working distance at all magnifications I can use.Don’t buy a microscope until you have checked out the magnifications available and the working distance- you need a low mag.IMPORTANT NOTICE This site contains details of what I do – it does not mean that it is safe or legal for you to do the same, and I accept no responsibility if you do.You are responsible for ensuring that what you do is within your capabilities and is safe and legal in your country.

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