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The site also is about moving on while still cherishing what you had.

A comprehensive five-year archive covers issues of family, acceptance and maintaining an open heart.

How do you even begin to pick up the pieces after such a tragic loss? I found myself wanting to share my experiences and find answers from people just like me, widowed young and caring for grieving children. ‘It worries me that I’m finding so little out there to help men left alone raising kids.’ ‘Just do it!

’ he responded, immediately understanding my intentions.

The blog however, attracted people from different walks of life united in their own immediate loss, or their care and concern for grieving loved ones.

Our host shares the funny, sad and sometimes profoundly difficult task of carrying on after such a loss.

Topics like “The Ticking Heart” also look at moving too fast in a new world.

I was also interviewed on BBC Breakfast and ITV’s This Morning on the same subject.

Within four months the blog generated widespread media coverage, amassed a devoted UK and international audience, received in excess of half a million views and won a blogging award for making people sit up and pay attention to an issue that could, ultimately, touch any parent.

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