Dating a sikh

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Dr Gareth Price, an senior research fellow at Chatham House, said Mr Modi's decision not to personally welcome Mr Trudeau was "a way of showing a bit of polite displeasure".

He said: "The welcome will be more guarded when there is a suspicion that a country is not 100 per cent pro-India.

Stand up for yourself and live the 14 words,' a reference to a common white supremacists mantra - 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children'.

Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization in Montgomery, Alabama, described Page as a 'frustrated neo-Nazi' whose bands' sinister-sounding names seemed to 'reflect what he went out and actually did'.

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Mr Trudeau touched down at New Delhi airport over the weekend to be greeted only by a junior agricultural minister.Mr Modi's failure to welcome Mr Trudeau dominated the Twitter hashtag #trudeauinindia and one user celebrated it as a "humiliation for a terrorist sympathiser". While on his visit to Gujarat, a Tribal and Tourism minister receives him at Ahmedabad airport.This is absolute humiliation for a terrorist sympathizer.The Sikh nationalist campaign aims to create a separate country in the Punjab region of northern India.There are nearly half-a-million Sikhs in Canada and three Sikh-Canadians in Mr Trudeau's cabinet including defence minister Harjit Sajjan, whose father was a member of the World Sikh Organisation.

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