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It is likely that people with more positive attitudes toward one type of OSA also have more positive attitudes toward the other types of OSA.However, because people are more comfortable talking about sexual information than about pleasure (Byers, 2011), it is likely that attitudes toward N-OSA are more positive than are attitudes toward S-OSA or P-OSA.Individuals who were less traditional tended to have more positive attitudes.These results are discussed in terms of the growing acceptance of online sexuality.That is, men are expected to have high sexual needs, motivation, and desire for diverse sexual experiences which, when acted upon, enhance their social status. Please circle the number on the scale presented to represent your thoughts about participating in these kinds of online activities.Women, on the other hand, are socialized to have few sexual needs, be sexually reactive rather than active, and restrict sexual activity to the context of a committed relationship. The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families, 13, 496–502. There are no right or wrong answers, please indicate your personal beliefs. For N-OSA, participants are reminded to think about “information and connecting with others; for S-OSA, to think about activities that “are about accessing sexually explicit material online”; for P-OSA, to think about activities that “are online sexual activities with another person”.

Sexual minority individuals had more positive OSA attitudes overall.Third, all of these studies surveyed only young heterosexual university students.Thus, little is known about the OSA attitudes of sexual minority individuals, non-students, and/or older individuals.The goal of this study was to extend our understanding of attitudes toward three types of online sexual activity (OSA) among both students and members of the community: non-arousal OSA (N-OSA), solitary-arousal OSA (S-OSA), and partnered-arousal OSA (P-OSA).In Study 1, 81 male and 140 female undergraduate students completed a paper and pencil survey.

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