Control freak dating relationship what to know about dating an indian man

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Controlling relationships usually develop from fear. The controlling partner is afraid that he or she is going to lose the one they love while the one who is being controlled is afraid at first of hurting their partner, and then eventually, of their partner.

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If there is at least the ability to recognize that there is a problem, then usually with a little guidance and some couples counseling, the relationship can grow into a much healthier and stronger respectful love.There is a natural argument to be made regarding the desire to care for one’’s partner.Of course, someone who is watching their cholesterol intake might need reminders that the potatoes aren’’t the best choice, but controlling relationship usually start off with small issues such as these and grow into much larger issues.Initially, the signs of a controlling relationship might resemble clingy behavior.For instance, when a partner starts whining because you came home fifteen minutes late from work, demanding to know why you’’re late and not being able to accept that you stopped off at someone else’’s office to catch up for a few minutes, you may be heading for trouble.

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