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The lens has PMMA modified C-loop haptics and square edges.

It's 13 mm long and has a 6-mm asymmetrical biconvex optic with a refractive index of 1.43.

"Patients appreciate a lens that could potentially reduce their risks of a blinding disease," says Dr. Paul Minnesota-based Associated Eye Care, sees the greatest benefit to the patient in terms of fewer spherical aberrations. Lane is involved with a study where he is implanting the HOA in one eye of every patient who is getting bilateral implants and implanting the Acry Sof Natural in the other eye.

The only difference between this lens and the Natural is that the HOA has a posterior aspheric design.

After the study, the FDA approved labeling claims that the lens reduces spherical aberrations.► The addition of a spherical lens through piggybacking to the Tecnis' aspheric surface causes very little loss of effect or benefit to the patients.

For piggybacking applications, he suggests placing the Tecnis in the capsular bag and placing the other IOL in the sulcus.► The Tecnis should not be used in patients who are post hyperopic LASIK or PRK for a correction 2 or greater.

He estimates he has done 50 to 60 procedures thus far.► The handling characteristics of the Acry Sof HOA are identical to those of all the other Acry Sof single-piece IOLs.

In this article, surgeons provide pearls for making the most of the lenses they're using today, and we look ahead to some of tomorrow's IOLs. The Acry Sof Natural single-piece IOL (SN60AT) is indicated for in-the-bag placement. In its diopter range of 6D to 30D, it is available in increments of 0.5D.That way it won't get caught on the bottom floor of a wound with a deep groove." (This is not an issue with standard, single-plane incisions.)► "As you enter the eye and begin the injection, I recommend angling down and to the surgeon's right.That ensures delivery of the leading haptic underneath the anterior capsular leaflet and into the bag." Meridian. Y.-based Lippman Eye Care Centers, and clinical professor of Ophthalmology at New York Medical College, uses the lens in approximately 60% of his cataract surgical patients.The combination of this corneal ablation pattern and the Tecnis IOL may result in a paradoxical increase in spherical aberration for patients. The Sensar with Opti Edge combines three design elements including: a rounded anterior edge, a sloping side edge, and a squared posterior edge.It is a three-piece IOL, and its material is acrylic/UV.

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