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His hand was chopped off and nailed to the church door*. When the priest gave communion he would throw the blessed host to them as though they were dogs.Some kinder priests used a long wooden spoon, still avoiding the touch of the outcasts.Their only distinguishing feature was their descent from families identified as Cagot.Cagots were supposed to have strange heads, webbed feet and misshapen ears.

It explained the procedure to judge the purity of blood of a candidate as follows: Kneeling, with his right hand placed over the image of a crucifix on a Bible, the candidate confirmed not being of either Jewish or Moorish extraction.

If the investigation had to be carried out of Cordoba, a person, not necessarily a member of the council, would be appointed to examine the witnesses appointed by the candidate. rules were set out and enforced by priests and bishops, monks and abbots.

This researcher would receive a sum per diem according to the rank of the person, the distance traveled and the time spent. In 1496, Pope Alexander VI approved a purity statute for the Hieronymite Order, an enclosed religious Order.

Having collected all the reports, the secretary or the notary must read them all to the council and a vote would decide whether the candidate was approved. Other statutes regulated other religious Orders, the priesthood, Christian guilds, schools, and military and government offices.

A simple majority was sufficient, after which the candidate had to promise to obey all the laws and customs of the Church. Tests of limpieza de sangre began to lose their utility by the 19th century, but in certain religious contexts they continued.

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