Christian dating hotline

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We understand all too well that finding current, accurate, relevant facts about drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be a difficult task.

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FAITH COMMUNITY CHURCH SINGLES, 6350 Rainbow Dr., San Jose Ca 95129, 408/253-1408. Singles Acoustic Cafe, 10am, including live music and free Starbucks coffee and donuts.

CROSSWINDS CHURCH SINGLES FOCUS, 6444 Sierra Court, Dublin, 925/355-8959.

EAST BAY FELLOWSHIP, 2615 Camino Tassajara, Dublin, 925/736-5100 x95.. Young adults group for singles and couples, ages 18 to 25.

HILLTOP COMMUNITY CHURCH SINGLE TOO, 3118 Shane Dr, Richmond, 510/223-2431.

Concerts on most Fridays, pm, featuring popular Christian musical groups, gourmet coffees and teas, sodas, desserts, usually for adults; .50 for children up to age 11.

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