Are heidi and bill still dating

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The Musical", telling his wife that he regrets cheating on her with another woman. Further, in "Cartoon Wars Part I" she was shown yet again with a different set of parents and a possible sibling. Cartman, however, did show remorse for breaking the egg and asked Mrs. However, this was done for a selfish reason, as Cartman figured an A and an F would average out to a C-.

Her latest, again different, parents were shown at the end of "Proper Condom Use", and in "The End of Serialization as We Know It". Their relationship goes all the way back to Season Four's "Probably", where her parents arrived to pick her up from Cartman's church. Since that episode, Heidi and Cartman didn't interact with each other, until in "Stunning and Brave".

Since Season Twenty, she has become one of the nicest and most socially sensitive girls in South Park, quitting social media after being horrendously bullied by a troll.

In "Sons A Witches", it is shown that Heidi cares a lot about her appearance, and as a result, it takes her longer than usual to get ready for special events.

She has had four voice actors throughout the series. In older seasons, her voice is similar to Wendy Testaburger's voice. She wears a lime green jacket, dark brown trousers, and red gloves.

Heidi became a key character in Season Twenty, as she was forced off of social media by the internet troll Skankhunt42, and eventually became Eric Cartman's girlfriend, joining with him to end the gender war engulfing the school.Cartman convinced them to let her stay, for selfish reasons, so she can be "saved". In that episode, Cartman calls Heidi ‘clitty litter’, which may suggesting that even Heidi doesn't get along with him.However, Heidi and Cartman developed a relationship starting in "The Damned", where she goes on to show Cartman a life outside of social media.She is usually seen with Wendy, Bebe, Red, Millie, Annie, Lola, Esther, and Sally.She hosted a sleepover in "Marjorine", at which most of the "popular girls" attended, once again illustrating her popularity.

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