Advice when dating englishmen

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And suddenly there she was: Elizabeth II, tiny and smiling beatifically in a mint-green skirt suit and gloves.

She was paler and prettier than I’d expected, gave off a whiff of perfumed powder and had an extraterrestrial glow.

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So I knew the Queen wasn’t interested in how my day was going.It’s nice to be with a man who is more interested in watching Newsnight or gambolling around Paris as we cover the French elections than asking how I am all the time. And so, after prematurely dismissing all English men out of hand, I have discovered that the best ones can be funny, clever, kind and generally unflappable.Better yet, I have found one with whom I’m very happy to make a life – that he is not boarding school-educated or from what he calls “the soft South” may have something to do with it.I realised that when an Englishman says one thing he often means another – and that the tension between what he says and what is actually meant is not just an amusement, it’s the way he expresses his feelings, including love itself.How could I have failed to notice this the first time around?

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