Adjectives for online dating profile

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Or the time you took a last minute trip to Vegas, won k at the craps table, and used the cash to hire a private jet to take you home?

OK, your examples don’t need to be that crazy, but I think you get the picture.

It could be as simple as the fact you go jet skiing out on the lake every Saturday morning.

Just describe the jet skiing so it sounds 100% exciting and fun.

What type of lover you are matters: it influences who e Harmony’s algorithm matches you up with.

Using a million e Harmony matches, we looked at how often each type of lover got matched up with the other types.

But first, let me tell you a bit about my story…I struggled with online dating for well over a year before I finally started figuring it out and getting my own dating life “handled.” Later, I decided I wanted to help other normal guys like me experience the same abundance in their dating lives, so I started a boutique marketing firm to do just that.

The most striking thing is that women tend to be paired with lovers of the same type: all the squares on the diagonal are red. Spock women seem to have a thing for Romeo men, and Hufflepuff women get matched up with Snow White men.

Granted, selling a 40-year-old accountant without a hair left on his head to a 29-year-old bombshell is a little trickier than convincing a soccer mom to drink Coke Zero.

But when I started Vi DA, I had a pretty good idea what worked to attract women who were “out of my league” on paper.

We also see combinations that don’t tend to happen: Spock men avoid Hufflepuff and Snow White women (and the women avoid them too).

Just as well, because I don’t think Spock and Snow White would work out; Vulcans don’t like singing squirrels.

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