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The heat can be intense and unlike Paris, where folks scramble to sit in any patch of sunshine that they can find even during the unfiltered heat of summer, in Tunisia, one is always fleeing the heat.Often that will mean resting in a café sipping a glass of fresh orange juice, or maybe taking a dip in the ocean, or refreshing with a glass of iced wine, all of which I can personally attest to as being equally effective means of beating the heat of Africa.

I toured Morocco a few years ago, which was fascinating (especially Fez, which I’d love to go back to) but the constant harassing by local touts, affixing themselves to your side the minute you stepped out of your hotel, using every possible means of persuasion to get you to buy something you didn’t want (fake old coins, cheaply dyed carpets, etc), got old quickly.I tell visitors to Paris to go to the same café each and every day so they get to know you.Make it your Luckily for us, we got off to a good start as the cab driver that picked us up at the airport was friendly and honest.One of the most important things is the experiences you can have if you take a moment to befriend the locals.(Except for the ones trying to sell you something, of course.) Asking at the local produce or seafood market for a good restaurant suggestion often yields better advice than hotel clerks, who are likely to steer you to somewhere touristy.

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